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German brand, Tuzzi was founded in 1971. The label offers feminine, decorative and modern looks. It includes lots of colour and bold, distinctive prints. It focuses on dress and occasion however Walk in Style also offers the more casual pieces such as coats, trousers, camis, gilets and tops.

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Tuzzi Strap Dress

Tuzzi Dress Strap Dress
  • £169.00
  • £85.00
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Tuzzi Jacket

Tuzzi Jacket Jacket
  • £165.00
  • £83.00
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Tuzzi Long Skirt

Tuzzi Skirt Long Skirt
  • £135.00
  • £81.00
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Tuzzi Silky Jacket

Tuzzi Jacket Silky Jacket
  • £195.00
  • £78.00
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Tuzzi C/over Dress

Tuzzi Dress C/over Dress
  • £130.00
  • £75.00
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Tuzzi Silky Blouse

Tuzzi Blouse Silky Blouse
  • £95.00
  • £67.00
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Tuzzi Blouse

Tuzzi Blouse Blouse
  • £130.00
  • £65.00
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Tuzzi Leggings

Tuzzi Leggings Leggings
  • £35.00
  • £15.00
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Results 1-61 (of 61)