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To coincide with the latest drop of Abro designer handbags. We thought we would give you a little bit of isnight into one of our favourite brands.

Abro was founded in the 1930’s and if still run today by the grandchildrens of the founders. They started with a small belt factory in Rodgau and soon the product range and high quality leather handbags were added.

In 1995 Achim and Stefan Bruder – the third generation – took over the management of the company under their helm the company took a more trend focussed direction with their designs of stylish bags and belts.

Today Abro produces high quality handbags and accessories, with and successfully marry the qualities of style, function and quality together to create the perfect handbag.

All of Abro’s luxury leather products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen from carefully selected hides. Because leather is a natural material every skin has its individual characteristics. There may be markings and small differences – even in the most luxurious skins. These characteristics make every single bag a truly one of a kind piece.

Each bag requires a small amount of special care to keep it looking its best. With new products, the leather still possesses its natural protective abilities and should only be polished occasionally during the first months of use.

Here are some more tips and advice from the Abro guides:

-Depending on the season, your bag needs special protection from intense sunlight or heavy rain. Should your bag get soaked despite your best efforts, stuff it with absorbent paper and use a hairdryer to prevent water stains. Make sure to keep your distance while blow drying.

-Wet or damp leather should not be exposed to intense heat (e.g. heaters) as this might result in the leather becoming hard and breaking, damaging it irreparably. If your bag gets wet from rain, dab it with a soft cloth immediately.

-Grease or oil stains are best treated with flour, baking soda or ground chalk. Applied as soon as possible onto the affected area, they can soak up the grease and help prevent permanent stains.

-The pouch supplied is ideal for storing your bag and protecting it from dirt and moisture.

With good care and proper storage, your bag really can last a lifetime!

Woven Large Handbag – £515

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