Walk In Style are a proud official Gabor shoes stockist.

Gabor, like Walk in Style, is an independently run business.

Established in 1949, Gabor Shoes are one of the best known and best quality made women’s shoes in Germany and one of the largest brands in Europe and Worldwide.

Trust in Gabor Quality Footwear

Gabor shoes are renowned for high quality workmanship. Total trust in ‘Gabor Quality’ enables our customers to buy Gabor shoes online with total confidence.

Gabor tests each shoe component for things like crease resistance and colourfastness. Often testing beyond their legal obligation for example soles are tested for their long term flexibility.

Seams are sewn with attention to detail. The better quality the seam, the better durability of the shoe.

Hand finish brushing, polishing and waxing ensures the shoes are of the highest quality and ready for sale.  

Outstanding Features Promote Quality, Fit and Comfort

The Gabor brand has invested heavily in technology to ensure an outstandingly high-quality product offer, without sacrificing an ounce of elegance or style.

All Gabor shoes feature removable, washable insoles. This not only keeps your shoes fresh but gives the flexibility for use of an orthotic insert.

‘Best Fit’ technology styles ensure comfort with added width to the insole so that the ball of the foot gains more step surface.

Styles with the ‘Ultra Flex Air System’ feature air ducts providing regulated ventilation and a fresh climate for your foot.

Gabor offer stylish yet affordable luxury and will not disappoint!

Valerie Wiese says

“Gabor shoes are wonderful. The quality of the leather and durability are amazing. What sets them apart (in my opinion) is all in the “hill”. You can be walking  for hours, and not be aching. The engineering of the hill is superior to other shoes I have experienced. The design conforms to my feet so well, while they breathe and are supported so well to take on any street style … cobblestone, pavement. I have been a loyal customer since years and will stay for many to come. I highly recommend you purchase a pair and experience the Happy Feet feeling!

For Happy Feet