Game, set, match!

This week the tennis circuit lands in London. Wimbledon is the one of the most prestigious events on the circuit. Its is also one of the highest accolades an athlete can receive.

But did you know history of Wimbledon goes back as far as the 1870’s? In its more humble beginnings, what we now refer to as Wimbledon drew modest crowds of 200. The first ladies event followed around 15 years later and crowds began to steadily grow. It was not until the 1930’s when the event had moved to a new venue, that household names like Fred Perry came to prominence.

It’s hard to believe that in 1940 the iconic Centre Court was struck by a bomb. This caused major damage and the event did not return until after the war had ended. With the emergence of colour television in the 1970’s the event began to take on the form as we know it today.

There are still strict guidelines for the competitors at Wimbledon. Although in recent years high profile players have used this world stage to express their fashion flair. Competitors must be dressesd in suitable tennis attire and the attire must be almost entirely white. To be precise, white does not include cream or off white. This rules refers to all hats, footwear, undergarments and even medial supports!

Whilst we can’t provide you with a set of LTA approved tennis whites. We have put together some of our favourite pieces inspired by the event to get you in the mood. Wether you’re heading to murray mound, or tuning in at home!

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