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Special Occasion Dresses and Outfits

Dress for a party, wedding, cruise, the races your next special occasion.

Selected occasion brands recommended for you

Veromia Occasions Dresses

Occasion Dresses by Veromia

Step into any occasion with confidence...

when you wear a Veromia Occasion dress.


Why choose Veromia?

✔ The brand new season Occasions collection is designed specifically for special occasions

✔ Wear an Occasions collection dress to set just the right mood

✔ Feel confident

✔ Gorgeous bright colourful tones just right for special occasions


✔ Enjoy the occasion knowing you have your outfit sorted.

Special Occasion Dresses by Frank Lyman


Why Choose Frank Lyman?


✔ Stunning

✔ The go to brand that will not let you down

✔ Versatile pieces that can be combined to suit any occasion

✔ A favourite of many and us too

Occasion Fashion by Badoo

Why choose Badoo?

✔ Top quality tailoring on a par with Italian counterparts

✔ More affordable than Italian counterparts

✔ Original design

✔ Classic styles with a twist

✔ Comes with elegance and sophistication

✔ Pieces can be combined for versatile style

✔ Well suited to many special occasions

✔ A favourite brand of many that impresses us

✔ We think you and others will be impressed when you wear Badoo too.

Special Occasion Dresses by Michaela Louisa

MICHAELA LOUISA Bold Floral Print Short Sleeve Dress 8638Michaela Louisa V-neck Floral Print Sleeveless Dress 8641MICHAELA LOUISA Scallop Neck Sleeveless Printed Dress 8603


Why Choose Michaela Louisa?

✔ A brand that wont let you down.

✔ Figure flattering smart day wear.

✔ Luxurious occasion wear.

✔ Beautiful colours.

✔ Soft textures.

✔ High quality.

✔ Ultra feminine dresses.

✔ Elegance and sophistication.

✔ Excellent value. You'll love wearing again and again.


Why Choose Walk In Style?

Google Customer Reviews of Walk In Style

Really helpful and very swift service. Order one day and arrive the next. Good quality clothing and if you have any questions they answers straight away. I would recommend to anyone. First class service.
Written on 17 February 2018