The Duchess of Cambridge Wrap Coat Lands In The UK


Meghan Markle is also a Sentaler fan. She wore the Sentaler Camel wrap coat at Sandringham on Christmas Day.

The Sentaler wrap coat as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton on the royals recent Canadian tour has landed in the UK. 

The signature wrap coat with ribbed sleeve detail by luxury Canadian fashion brand Sentaler is to be stocked and sold in the UK and the first and only place to date chosen is Saltaire! 

What better place for the alpaca wool coat to land than in Saltaire, the home of Salts Mill, built by philanthropist Titus Salt whose much success was founded upon the warm, soft, luxurious alpaca wool.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge wears the Sentaler wrap coat in Canada

Buy the Sentaler Wrap Coat online or visit the Walk In Style boutique in Saltaire

The Mill built in Saltaire, in the textile heartland of West Yorkshire, was fully operational by 1853. Salt’s vision was to produce fine top quality cloth in a super efficient process.

Titus bought the best most luxurious fibres: donskoi from Russia, merino wool from Australia, mohair from China and alpaca from Peru.  All were shipped to Liverpool and were then brought by barge along the Leeds Liverpool canal to Salts Mill.

It was Titus’s experimentation with alpaca and these other new fibres that enabled him to produce a new super fine soft worsted cloth which became much sought after. 

Homage is paid to the alpaca all over Saltaire village including in the park where they are immortalised in bronze.

bronze statue of alpacas in Saltaire, UK

Today, nothing has changed in that these natural fibres are used to make some of the most luxurious desirable garments in the world.

The alpaca wrap coat by Sentaler being one of the most sought after.

The only place in the UK to see and buy the Sentaler wrap coat is at the Walk In Style boutique in Saltaire.